New Installations:

From complete houses, offices or factories to small additions or anything extra your property might need.

Drains and Sewer Systems:

  • New sewer lines or system installations;
  • New septic tanks / soak pits / French drains and repairs to existing ones.
  • Broken or blocked drains
  • Line blockages
  • Bad odours
  • Grease traps
  • Vents and vent stacks
  • Manholes

Leaks and Water Loose:

Leak detection and repairs

Water losses through dripping taps of worn out toilets that never stop running.


  • Leak solving
  • Pressure cleaning


Repairs and replacement of old asbestos or PVC gutters.

Cleaning out of gutters and valleys to ensure your rain water flows only where it’s meant to.

Pressure Cleaning:

  • Paving or driveways
  • Roofs
  • Anything else that you’d like to be cleaned.

Storm Water:

  • Complete underground systems
  • Additional pick up points i.e. new gulley points or drains
  • Soak pits or French drains
  • Collection points and water tanks
  • Concrete storm water channelling
  • Manholes

Grass Blocks

The easy alternative to tar or paving. Supply and installation/ supply only.

General Maintenance:

Inspection and reporting of current systems to prevent future problems.

Servicing of toilets, taps or anything else you would like to restore rather than replace.


Redoing your bathroom or kitchen? Call us for either a full package or plumbing only quote.

Pumps / boosters and collection tanks.

Is your water pressure no good? Call us for a free quote to install a booster pump and holding tank onto your existing water supply line.

Want to fit a bathroom (or anything that has waste water) but can’t because the position is lower than the waste water system in place? Call us for a free quote to install a pump and holding tank to pump your waste uphill to the waste water system in place.


Trenching or ducting for anything you need.

Plumbing Consulting:

Need professional advice or guidance? Call us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Gas Gysers:

  • Proud suppliers and installers of all sizes of DEW HOT GAS GEYSERS.
  • this 16L Constant heat Dew hot gas geyser proudly installed by us.


Upgrades; replacements; relocation and maintenance of existing geysers. Repairs and fault finding.

No hot water? Call us. We do element, thermostat and safety valve testing and replacing.


Shower waterproofing. We use a cement based waterproofing combined with a fabric system. We have also used this system to resolve damp problems in underground buildings with success.

Roof and chimney flashing